The idea of an audio app means different things to different people. Even to try and distinguish between “sound” and “music” apps is to propose a false distinction. Ringtones, for example, use music as sound: they turn art into something functional, an alert. Meanwhile, an app like RjDj (recently retired by its manufacturer, the British firm Reality Jockey) turned everyday sounds into music. The word “app” itself is up for grabs — many innovative mobile apps originated as experiments on the web, and the web continues to be a sketchbook space for coders; for example, check out the browser-based “drawing sound” project by Seth Sandler, one of the developers of the great NodeBeat app. Also a favorite among the i/olian crew is the Infinite Jukebox, which takes a song, breaks it into pieces, and then lets those pieces rotate in a semi-random process … conceivably forever, or at least until the universe reaches heat death.

These are just some of the things we’ve been listening to — more to the point: interacting with — while working toward our own project-development goals.

Progress continues apace. Hopeful for a proper alpha version of our first project in April; its coder/musician and designer are at work on it.

And for our second project, we’re moving forward with several writers. Still sorting out details of the sound component.

A great musician is lined up for what will likely be our third or fourth project, but it’s a ways off.

Also: Significant Chinese food consumption in the future.

As of Saturday, February 18, we have a functioning internal prototype of our first project. That means: it is functioning, yet still a prototype.

There’s something remarkable about seeing ideas that had previously been on paper, even virtual paper, now functioning, something that rewires how the brain thinks about user interaction and interface.

Mid-December progress report: Things are moving along well. We’re thinking it’ll be between two and three months from now, and then we’ll have something you can play with.

This is just a holding page. We’re working on some nifty ways to play with sound. We hope to have something worth talking about in detail within the next six months. Right now we’re in the “i” (or “input”) phase of “i/o” and we look forward to moving into the “o” (or “output”) phase.

–Two guys who eat a lot of Chinese food


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